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Brief introduction

        Deng Xiaoping Home Village Administration is a county- level state-run unit directly under Guang’an municipal government of CPC(the Communist Party of China).The home village was officially put into operation in May,2004.In August of 2004,Deng Xiaoping Memorial Hall was set up,and in December of the same year,it was renamed as Deng Xiaoping Home Village Administration.In 2012,the administration applied the assessment process of national AAAAA-level scenic spot with the official name of Deng Xiaoping Home Village Scenic Spot.Presently there are 379 staff in the scenic spot,of which there are 80 administrative staff,69 tour guides(interpreters),7 senior tour guides(interpreters),95 security staff and 128 sanitation workers.
       In recent three years,the scenic spot holds the theme of fully elaborating patriotism and plays the function of revolutionary tradition education all the time.With the aim of “building first-class tourist attraction and creating first-class leader’s memorial hall in domestic”,the scenic spot has been striving to build Deng Xiaoping Home Village into the leading red tourism spot in southwest China,and a good result has been achieved.The accumulated tourist person-time reached about 5.9 million in recent three years,and the operating income reached about 33 million RMB.More than 40 party and national leaders have successively visited Deng Xiaoping Home Village,including Hu Jingtao,Xi Jinping,Li Keqiang,Liu Yunshan,etc.Today Deng Xiaoping Home Village has become an important base for people to pursue Xiaoping’s history,cherish the memory of the great man,and receive education on patriotism and revolution.

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