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The Six Trees Scenic Spot

       Look! The six trees over there were planted by Deng Xiaoping himself in his home in Beijing (in the courtyard of his former residence in Jingshan Back Street). On 28th, September, 2003, the trees were replanted from Deng Xiaoping’s residence in Beijing with a view to commemorating the 100 anniversary of Comrade Deng Xiaoping. In April, 2003, while in Guang’an, on hearing that an activity of “planting trees in Deng Xiaoping Former Residence” is being on in Guang’an, the three daughters of Deng Xiaoping were very pleased and promised to do their bit to contribute to the activity. According to Dengnan, since Guang’an is the birthplace of his father, it is of great significance to replant the trees from the home in Beijing. Henceforth, taking weather and season into consideration, the trees were specially transported from Beijing to Guang’an and replanted here in late September, 2003. Remarkably enough, while the pomegranate tree was lifted, a rainbow rose against the sky and stayed for an hour. A splendid sight indeed. Journalists shot the scene and reproduced the amazing sight.

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