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Brief introduction on tourist resources

        Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot is a tourist complex combining red tourism, ecotourism, ancient town culture and rural leisure tourism. An 8-kilometer long road inside the scenic spot connects the series of four major view spots, namely “ Core area of Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot”, “Buddha's-hand Hill scenic spot”, “Xiexing ancient town” and “Memorial archway new village.”
       The core area of Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot includes 2 national key historical and cultural sites under government protection, as well as multiple natural landscape sites with folk customs, covering nearly 20 Deng Xiaoping’s activity places in his early youth, namely Deng Xiaoping’s former residence, cocoonery courtyard, imperial academy member courtyard, benevolent rule memorial archway, gravestone, pasture cattle ground, water pond, the old well of Deng family, inkstone washing pond, and the tomb of Deng Shaochang (Deng Xiaoping’s father)
       Under the approval of the Central Committee of CPC, Deng Xiaoping’s bronze statue square, Deng Xiaoping’s former residence exhibition center, the research center of Deng Xiaoping’s former residence exhibition center, and Deng Xiaoping memorial hall were established.
       Built with white walls and black tiles, wooden posts and stone foundation, Deng Xiaoping’s former residence is a farmhouse courtyard bearing rich eastern Sichuan folk style, which possesses a high value of cultural relics. Deng Xiaoping’s former residence exhibition center covers an area of 3,800 square meters. Adopting the design of eastern Sichuan folk house style and modern architectural style, and assisted with numerous material objects, photos, documents, multimedia, as well as the worlds first three-machine mapping digital movie, the exhibition center vividly playbacks the great and legendary life of Deng Xiaoping in all-round and multiple perspectives.
       It is the only museum to commemorate Deng Xiaoping’s glorious life in the country, and possesses cultural relics for Deng Xiaoping with the highest quality, the largest number, and the richest content.
       The Buddha's-hand hill scenic spot is about 2 kilometers away from the core area of Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot. The tombs of Deng family ancestors, such as Deng Xiaoping’s grandmother Dai and his own mother Dan, lie on the half way up the mountain. The tombs are provincial cultural relic protection units, and the place is a tourist attraction combing nature and geomantic omen.
       Xiexing ancient town was the place where Deng Xiaoping pursued his study and determined to become an outstanding person in his early youth. The architectures in the town belong to Ming and Qing style and the street is 350 meters long. With well-protected ancient architectures, the town possesses a high value of cultural relics and folklore value. It is a key historical and cultural site under government protection, and Beishan primary school is located in this place.
       The memorial archway new village is the living place of Deng Xiaoping’s fellow villagers. The village is an exhibition place of a new socialist countryside constructed under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping theory. It is a national model site of rural tourism as well as an excellent place to taste farm food, to live in farm house, to buy farm products, to look back upon rural history, and to experience the life of Deng Xiaoping’s fellow villagers.
       The scenic spot has set up comprehensive infrastructure and emergency facilities, such as tourist service center, travel goods market, parking lot and tourism public health facilities, as well as food & beverages service and leisure place, etc. Nowadays a link tourism route has been formed. Here the natural environment is quite and beautiful with friendly atmosphere plus strong and unique cultural character. The “National Youth Civilization Unit” can provide warm and thoughtful service for you, which makes people indulge in pleasures in every season under all kinds of whether.

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