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        Deng Xiaoping Home Village memorial park is located in memorial archway village, Xiexing town, which is 7 kilometers away from downtown area of Guang’an city. On August 22nd of 1904, Deng Xiaoping, the chief designer of China's socialist reform, opening up and modernization, was born here. This is a green ecological garden covering 830 mu of land. Nearly 20 important Deng Xiaoping’s activity places in his early youth scatter inside the park.
       The memorial park has planted various flowers, grass and trees in 165 kinds and more than 15 million strains (clusters). In all seasons of the year the park is green with flowers blossoming. In spring, flowers are competing in splendor in the garden, for example, red plum, magnolias, lilac, begonia flower, winter jasmine, rape flower, etc; in summer, the fragrance of flowers like gardenias, jasmine, crape myrtle, water lily and osmanthus fill the park; in autumn, the fragrance of laurel flower, osmanthus and orange osmanthus is refreshing;in winter, chimonanthus fragrans, camellia and camellia sasanqua are blossoming in cold weather. The main travel route in the park is 2.6 kilometers long. Tourists can walk or take the electric power cart to have a leisure tour while receiving the revolutionary education.
       The memorial archway new village is the living place of Deng Xiaoping’s fellow villagers. The village is an exhibition place of a new socialist countryside. It is a national model site of rural tourism as well as an excellent place to taste farm food, to live in farm house, to buy farm products, to enjoy agricultural pleasure, to relax and to experience the life of Deng Xiaoping’s fellow villagers.
       The ancient street in Xiexing belongs to Ming and Qing style. The street is 350 meters long with well-protected ancient architectures. The town was the place where Deng Xiaoping pursued his study and determined to become an outstanding person in his early youth. It is a key historical and cultural site under government protection, and Beishan primary school is located in this place.
       The Buddha's-hand hill scenic spot is about 2 kilometers away from Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot. The place is a tourist attraction combing nature and geomantic omen. The tombs of Deng family ancestors, such as Deng Xiaoping’s grandmother Dai and his own mother Dan, lie on the half way up the mountain. The tombs are provincial cultural relic protection units
       Above four function areas are connected by a 10 kilometers long green corridor inside the scenic spot.

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