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Travel route recommendation

        1. One-day tour: Route A Red Guang’an: Siyuan square-Deng Xiaoping Home Village-Huaying mountain tourist area-Guang’an group tour. Route B Green Guang’an: Guang’an downtown area-Huaying mountain tourist area-Huaying mountain cave river-Guang’an group tour. Route C Ancient Guang’an: Guang’an downtown area- Deng Xiaoping Home Village-Xiexing old street-Dragon mountain Ba people stone city-Baozhen fortress-Guang’an group tour.
       2. Two-day tour: Route A Deng Xiaoping Home Village-Buddha's-hand hill-Huaying mountain tourist area. Route B Deng Xiaoping Home Village-Huaying mountain cave river. Route C Deng Xiaoping Home Village-Buddha's-hand hill-Baozhen fortress. Route D Deng Xiaoping Home Village-Buddha's-hand hill-Dragon mountain Ba people stone city. Route E Huaying mountain tourist area-Huaying mountain cave river.
       Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot is an advanced unit of national model base for patriotism education, a key national cultural relic protection unit, national base of education on honest and clean government, national youth civilization unit, and national 4A-level scenic spot(currently it is striving for 5A-level).
       Deng Xiaoping’s former residence exhibition center is the state first-class museum. It has ever obtained special award of one of the ten fine selections in the sixth session of national exhibition centers competition. Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot is one of the 100 classic scenic spots for red tourism in China. It is a sacred place for leisure tour and receiving education on patriotism and revolution tradition.
       Paying respect to a sacred place, pursuing the history of a great man, and cherish the merits and achievements of a great man. We feel grateful for Xiaoping! We warmly welcome tourists and friends from domestic and abroad to come to Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot for sightseeing!
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