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The South Gate

       The South Gate is the entrance to the scenic area. It is constructed with wooden roof trusses and timber frames, triple eaves and grey tile-covered roofs in typical Chinese-style. The Gate embodies the rich folk house characteristics in east Sichuan and looks natural and familiar, implying Deng Xiaoping’s pilgrimage of “three falls and three rises”. Do you know about the style of houses in east Sichuan? In east Sichuan, people generally build their houses using the full wedge timber construction. Besides, while designing their houses, they always take into consideration the local conditions, materials as well as the potential to build. They build with stone foundation, wooden beams, wedges, columns and rafters, form partitions with bamboo, build walls with bricks, earth or stone and cover the roofs with thatches and tiles. The houses are featured by rich and varied rooms which are well-proportioned, deft designed with clear and elegant colours. The houses here are integrated with nature and take on a style of harmony and unification.

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