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Baihua Lake

       Baihua Lake measures about 3500 square kilometers, filled with water lilies. In summer days, the water lilies try to outshine each other, just as the saying has it, “A world of flowers in full bloom”, and hence the lake got its name. The ancients had a preference over water lily, composing a lot of poems chanting it. One of them probably means:
       “The breeze and drizzle swept across a pool of lilies, Fluttering to the beats, their charm increased. The rustles and whistles brought out the peace of night, Swinging to the beats, their vigor enhanced. The narcissus is feeling so dozy, Go to bed, not to disturb the sleeping beauty.”
       Here is another one:
        “Still in the dream, but the flowers’ mind drifted away, Lingering indulgently with the wind in the viridity. Like dews the night condensed into dreams, Blossoms of dreams blooming in the sun.” and so on, too numerous to mention one by one. As the design and art philosophy of garden landscaping puts it, “Mountains produce magic while water makes aura”. Baihua Lake adds infinite beauty and aura to the memorial.

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