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Tour Notes of Scenic Spot

        Deng Xiaoping Home Village scenic spot is free of charge but not free of ticket. To keep the order and harmony in the scenic spot, please read the tour notes before entering into the park.
       1. The park is open at 8:30 am—17:30 pm, Tuesday to Sunday every week; the park is close on Monday in non-holidays.
       2. The daily reception capacity is 10,000 persons. Please line up to take the ticket to enter into the park.
       3. Smoking is prohibited in the park. It is prohibited to carry dangerous inflammable and explosive goods, controlled knives and pets to enter into the park.
       4. Please consciously care for the park for public health, not spitting and littering.
       5. It is prohibited to tread on grass, pick flowers and trees and hunt for wild animals.
       6. It is prohibited to engage in business activities in the scenic spot without permission.
       7. It is prohibited to play at the water's edge. Please take good care of your belongings and watch your children to avoid accidents.
       8. Please consciously care for the buildings and public facilities in the scenic spot. It is prohibited to write and draw in public places.
       9. Admission is prohibited for those who are not properly dressed, bare to the waist, barefoot and wearing slippers.
       For advice, help and complaints, please call: 0826—2413858
       Thank you for your cooperation. Wish you a pleasant journey!

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