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The Movie Theatre at Deng Xiaoping Guju Exhibition Hall

       The Movie Theatre, located left of the exhibition hall, occupies a built-up area of 336 square meters, seating 128 people at the same time. Taking full advantages of the existing building structures, the Movie Theatre is equipped with three digital cinema projectors of new advanced seamless synchronization screening technology, 7.1 - channel high-fidelity digital surround sound technology, fully reflecting the idea of high-tech and humanities. The Movie Theatre is featured by large screen (18 meters wide, 5 meters high), HD screen, super audio-visual shock and other prominent advantages. As an important part of the Museum, the Movie Theatre shows "Hello, Xiaoping"—a film reflecting Deng Xiaoping’s performance in an infinite loop pattern. The film is composed of three parts, that is, “The Epic”, "His Style" and "His Interests". “The Epic” is a miniature of the legendary life of Deng Xiaoping, weaving his destiny with that of the age, the nation and the state to depict the struggling pilgrimage and the inspiring achievements. "His Style" shows the very charm of Deng Xiaoping's based on the simple and real documentaries and the sequence of events. In contrast, "His Interests" leads the audience into Deng Xiaoping's emotional world and his personal life in a narrative and lyrical style, showing people Deng Xiaoping as an ordinary person. Let’s see the film “The Epic”, which, I believe, will bring you a strong sense of shock.

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