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Deng Xiaoping's Former Residence

       Now comes into sight Deng Xiaoping Former Residence. On 22nd, August, 1904, Deng Xiaoping, a titan in the 20th century, the chief architect of China’s reform and opening up as well as its modernization program, was born into this residence. This is a typical farmer’s Sanheyuan courtyard in rich east Sichuan style, known as “the Old Courtyard of the Dengs’ ” to the cordial locals. The house faces west, and has been continuously added to by the last three generations of the Dengs. The oldest part, the north wing-room was built by the great grand father of Deng Xiaoping, dating from the reign of Tongzhi Emperor in Qing dynasty. That was more than 170 years ago. The main room facing west was built by Deng Xiaoping’s grandfather, while the south wing-room, by his father after Deng Xiaoping left home. The whole courtyard covers an area of 833.4 square meters, composed of a total of 17 rooms. When the family had moved to Chongqing, Deng Xiaoping had the whole property of the old houses allocated to the villagers by the local government. In his lifetime, Deng Xiaoping had experienced extraordinary twists and turns, so it is with this former residence of his. Luckily, the integral house, after having served as the public canteen, the cultural center, the kindergarten and the storage room, thanks to such large variety of uses, has survived the turbulent years of "the Cultural Revolution". In 1980, on his visit to Deng Xiaoping Former Residence, Louis Aerie, a famous writer from New Zealand, extolled the house as “the Eastern Horizon”. On 19th, 1998, Jiang Zemin, the former general secretary of Communist Party, inscribed the plaque title”Deng Xiaoping Former Residence” in Chinese calligraphy. On the 7th, July, 2001, the house was declared as one of “the key nation protected cultural relics”.

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