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Deng Shaochang Mausoleum

       100 meters away on the left side of Baihua Lake, hidden in the grove, lies the Mausoleum of Deng Shaochang (1886-1936, his courtesy name “Wenming” ), Deng Xiaoping’s late father, who had substantial influence on Deng Xiaoping. Deng Shaochang had studied at Chendu Law School and ever worked as a teacher. Having been a member of a folk gang group named “Paoge” (very prevailing in southwest China at his time), he had assumed the office of Secretary for militia (now equivalent to the Minister of the county armed forces) of Guang’an County. He was an open-minded man with a large circle of friends. In all his life, he was most satisfied with one decision, that is, he chose to send Deng Xiaoping, his son, to go to France for a work-study program, whereupon Deng Xiaoping embarked on the revolutionary road to a thundering statesman. In 2002, Deng Shaochang Mausoleum was listed in the Protected Historic Sites by the people's Government of Sichuan Province.

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